Dr. Robin Wharton

Dr. Robin Wharton received her Ph.D and J.D., from the University of Georgia. She’s currently an English lecturer at Georgia State University, tinderella where she teaches courses on digital and multimodal rhetoric as well as composition and design of web pages. Under her instruction, the students create online exhibits and descriptions for The Phoenix Project in her advanced multimodal composition courses.
Spencer Roberts
Spencer Roberts, a Ph.D candidate, is a Digital Scholarship Librarian at Georgia State University.  He works with faculty and staff to support interdisciplinary digital projects in a variety of subjects. He can be found in the Collaborative University Research and Visualization Environment (CURVE) where he supports the research and digital scholarship of GSU faculty and students. CURVE is designed to enhance student and staff academia by connecting them with visualization software and research tools. A Digital Scholarship, has been initiated, by Roberts in collaboration with Dr. Jeffrey Glover, the curator of the artifacts found present in the Phoenix Project.
Dr. Jeffrey Glover
Dr. Jeffrey Glover, an Atlanta native, received his undergraduate degree in Anthropology at Vanderbilt and pursued his doctorate at the University of California. Glover serves as the official curator for The Phoenix Project.
Bracolla Peters

Bracolla Peters graduated from Georgia State, in 2017, with a Bachelors of Arts in English and a minor in Advanced Rhetoric and Composition. She is a twenty-four year old resident of Metropolitan Atlanta who enjoys creating websites, writing short stories, and studying global health initiatives. During her senior year, she and her fellow classmates contributed to the Phoenix Project by cataloging and creating online exhibits for the MARTA rail line artifacts. The online exhibits were created using the tinderella Omeka content management system. Bracolla is currently pursuing her Masters of Public Health concentrating in Health Promotion and Behavior. Peters plans to use her credentials to work in health communications and social marketing.

Brennan Collins

Brennan Collins is a senior academic professional at Georgia State University. He is also the Associate Director of Writing Across the Curriculum and the Center for Instructional Effectiveness at GSU.


Khadeeja Rayner

Khadeeja Rayner is a graduating senior, obtaining her degree in Public Relations. She plans on launching her own media company shortly after graduating.

Yesha Shah

Yesha Shah is a sophomore at Georgia State majoring in Marketing. She contributed to the final Phoenix Project project by being an initial member of the copywriting team for the Cabinet of Curiosity site.

Shalyse Smith

Shalyse Smith is a senior Journalism student at Georgia State University pursuing a career in Entertainment Radio. Being a singer and songwriter, she has a strong passion for writing. Shalyse applied her talents to function as a copywriter in the collaborative website design project for the Phoenix Project.

Krystal Walker

Krystal Walker is a senior at Georgia State University, obtaining her degree in Film and Video with a  Minor in Entertainment Media Management. She primarily works as a photographer capturing work that highlights the intimate life of women and cultural feminine youth. Krystal is also a cinematographer for GSTV (Georgia State Television) and a few local rappers around Atlanta.

Adante Watts

Initially pursuing an acting career, Adante Watts has always had a love for film. It wasn’t until he got a taste of being the creative machine that operates behind the camera, to discover his passion for film-making. After producing his very first short film during his freshman year at Georgia State University, Adanta found his true love: directing.

Annika Kraft

Annika Kraft is currently in her senior year at Georgia State University. She is pursuing a degree in journalism with a concentration in multimedia reporting and a minor in English

Christopher Blout

Christopher Blout is a senior attending Georgia State University who will graduate with a film and video degree. His focus has always been technology which led him into the editing and technical side of film. This allowed him to flourish a technical coordinator for the project.

Imani Gaddy

Imani Gaddy is a senior at Georgia State University. She majors in public relations with a minor in entertainment media management. Outside of school, she has a passion for photography and film. Currently, Imani has begun developing an organization called, AC Aesthetics, which will focus on advancing the learning and understanding in the areas of film, photography, and music.

Jo-Leigh Warren 

Jo- Leigh Warren is a senior at Georgia State University graduating in December 2017 with her degree in public relations and minor in English communication. She also works full- time as a digital strategist at the Atlanta Regional Commission.

Marshall Preston

Marshall Preston is a senior at Georgia State University who is currently finishing his degree in film and media with a minor in entertainment media management.

Ronald Lu

Ronald Lu is a senior at Georgia State University who is currently earning his degree in Film and Video with a minor in Psychology and entertainment media management. He is currently working his way towards becoming a stuntman.

Sara Maria Prescott 

Sara Maria Prescott is a senior at Georgia State University, majoring in English with a concentration in rhetoric and composition. Her focus is on editing, publishing and proposal writing. She is the creator of the book blog, The Seasoned Reader.

Tony Betton Jr.

Tony Betton Jr. was born in Columbia, South Carolina, but moved to Atlanta at five years old to be raised. As a senior at Georgia State University, he majors in broadcast journalism with a concentration in public relations and a minor in entertainment media management.

Kierra Thompson

Kierra Thompson was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. She attends Georgia State University and studies English and Journalism. Her focus is public relations, editing, marketig, communication, and event planning.