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About The Cabinet of Curiosity

The Cabinet of Curiosity is an online service-learning experience crafted by the students of Dr. Robin Wharton’s Digital Writing and Publishing class. The artifacts pof tinder housed in the cabinet derive from the Phoenix Project, a lab that houses a bulk of historical artifacts found during the construction of the job opportunities near me MARTA rail lines in the late 1970s. Some of the artifacts’ discovery dates are still unknown but they are all as old as Atlanta itself. With the help of Dr. Robin Wharton, Spencer Roberts, Dr. Jeffrey Glover, Bracolla Peters, Brennan Collins, and the students of Digital Writing and Publishing, the collection of artifacts can be easily pof tinder accessed through the Cabinet of Curiosity. Simply click on the artifact in the above cabinet and enjoy reading its rich history! Brown recluse spiders are solitary, shy, non-aggressive spiders and only bite people when disturbed from getridofallthings. They are found primarily in the Central U.S., as far north as Ohio and as far south as Texas in how to get rid of bed bugs, but they have also made their presence known in southeastern states like Georgia, South Carolina, and Alabama.